Tips & Tricks

Here I'll try to give some tips to help general development of Delphi programs. If you like them or have any tip to share, please e-mail me.

Running a DOS program and closing its window after running it

Changing a TEdit text in its OnChange event

Shrinking the executable

Getting current line and column from a memo

Changing a menu font

International settings

Extracting icons from an executable

How to Get Dos Environment

Filtering and sorting tables in Delphi 1.0

Acessing DBNavigator buttons

Making Enter key act as Tab

Packing tables

Working with multiselect grids

Listing all open windows

Converting the first letter of an EditBox to uppercase

Doing incremental search in a Table

Doing incremental search in a Query

Creating non rectangular windows (D2/D3)

Detecting Windows Shutdown

Moving the mouse pointer

Positioning the caret in a line in a memo or RichEdit

Moving forms with no caption

Right justifying menu items

Display and Change video resolutions

Detecting when the mouse is over a component

Detecting Windows shutdown

Drawing with different line types

Calling Windows DialUp Connection Dialog

Acessing Protected Members of an Object

Hiding Minimized MDI Child Windows

Hiding and showing the Windows Taskbar

Paradox Password in code

Executing default action of an Ole Container

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Updated on 11/19/1998
Bruno Sonnino